The adjustable concealed door hinge 

TECTUS combines the highest precision in design and technology and fulfills the architectural design principle of minimalism perfectly. Flush with the surface and straightforward, the completely concealed hinge system blends into almost any material and creates a perfect appearance within the architecture. 


The adjustable concealed door hinge

The TECTUS series of concealed hinges offers unsurpassed quality, versatility, and depth. This series features an entire range for architectural openings. The TECTUS hinge offers a "clean" look, which has not been matched by any other manufacturer.


TECTUS - Model versions

TE 340 3D RAL9016

With load capacities from 60 kg (132 lbs.) to 300 kg (661 lbs.) , door leaf of the most varied dimensions and materiality are reliably held in motion 

  • completely concealed hinge system  
  • for load capacities up to 300 kg (661 lbs.)
  • the right hinge for every load capacity
Product overview

The completely concealed hinge system with permanent energy transfer for mmercial, residential and entrance doors 

  • individual connection adapter options  
  • for wooden, steel or aluminum frames 
  • comfortable 3D adjustment (side +/- 3.0 mm (0.118"), height +/- 3.0 mm (0.118"), compression +/- 1.0 mm (0.039"))
  • maintenance-free slide bearing technology  
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The model version for commercial and residential doors with recessed frame facings enables the integration of a door without visible frame

  • for doors with recessed frame facings  
  • for a 14 mm (0.551") recessed frame facing 
  • for load capacities up to 100 kg (220 lbs.) 
Product overview

The model versions allow claddings up to 8 mm (0.315") on the door and frame construction, creating numerous new design options for planners and architects

  • for claddings up to 8 mm (0.315")
  • for wooden, steel and aluminum frames  
  • for load capacities up to 160 kg (352 lbs.)
  • for unrebated heavy-duty and functional doors 
Product overview

for load capacities from 60 kg (132 lbs.) to 300 kg (661 lbs.)


for permanent energy transfer


for recessed frame facings


for claddings up to 8 mm (0.315")



Completely concealed TECTUS hinge systems offer the perfect load capacity for every application. With a broad range of options, the appropriate hinge system can be selected based on the size, technical or visual requirements. TECTUS hinges have impressive load-bearing capacities, supporting doors up to 300 kg (661 lbs.). TECTUS hinge systems can be used on high-quality residential doors and high-use, heavy-duty commercial doors.

Product overview

With TECTUS Energy, the door leaf of commercial, residential and entrance doors receive a guaranteed and permanent energy supply from the frame. The diverse connection technologies offer compatibility with all common lock and hardware designs without losing the design aspect of flush room designs. 

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A convincing flushness characterizes the architecture in every typology more than ever. The hinge system of the TECTUS brand for flush doors is perfectly suited to form a flush surface when closed. With TECTUS FVZ, where the frame part is offset from the sash part, the integration of a door with a concealed hinge into the surrounding wall is even possible without a visible frame. 

Product overview

The TECTUS A8 models offer concealed hinges for applications where in the past it was only possible to use pivots to hang a door. The A8 versions allow a door to visually disappear into a wall with many different kinds of claddings such as mirrors, laminates and marble up to 8 mm (0.315“) in thickness. The TECTUS A8 hinges give designers new opportunities for integrating the door panel into a holistic room concept.

Product overview

Diverse finishes

The impressive variation of finishes allows the product brand TECTUS to be used in a variety of ways. It can be harmoniously coordinated with the architectural concept and the installations and, when closed, blend completely into the background. On the other hand, when selected in rich contrast, unique accents and stylish highlights can be set. 

Fields of Applications

A wide range of applications

The hinge system of the TECTUS product brand can be used in a wide range of applications due to different load capacities and sizes - from residential and commercial doors to entrance wood doors. Even model versions with the integrated intumescent kit and versions with integrated energy transfer are possible. All model versions are characterized by a uniform appearance and a closed hinge body.


Installation video

Watch now for valuable information and installation advice for the TECTUS concealed hinge systems.  


The adjustbable concealed hinge system
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