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For more than 130 years, SIMONSWERK has been a well-known German manufacturer of door hinges and hinge systems for heavy-duty, residential and commercial doors. Committed to high quality standards, the company is always driving innovation and striving for long-lasting customer relationships.

SIMONSWERK North America has adapted proven European solutions to cater to the North American market. They are known as the pioneers of adjustable hinges in North America and offer a wide range of hinge systems for various high-frequency applications in retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. Based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, SIMONSWERK North America takes pride in their modern, high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Their hinge systems have become a staple wherever modern and contemporary design intersect in North America and globally.


Product brands from SIMONSWERK

The TECTUS series of concealed hinges offers unsurpassed quality, versatility, and depth. This series features an entire range for architectural openings. The TECTUS hinge offers a "clean" look, which has not been matched by any other manufacturer. 

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The range of ANSELMI hinges offer high quality products for interior doors. These concealed hinge systems are suitable for interior residential doors up to 60 kg (132 lbs.) and are available in three models. 

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As a hinge system for commercial and residential doors, VARIANT is a true all-rounder. It offers the optimum solution for every architectural context. Thanks to high-quality technology in aesthetically convincing designs, VARIANT withstands high loads and impresses with different roller diameters and lengths as well as a wide variety of surfaces. In addition, the roller belt offers a range of special solutions for special requirements.

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The original for double-action and single-action doors: The BILOBA screw-on hinge has an automatic self-closing function thanks to integrated hydraulic damping. It is internationally patented and tested in over one million opening cycles. The adjustable closing speed allows ideal adaptability to user needs. 

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EVO is the hinge for doors opening on one side in an elegant knuckle hinge look. The self-closing door hinge is characterized by its reduced design thanks to the hydraulics placed in the knuckle - for maximum effect of the door leaf. It is suitable for inner door use and outer door use protected from driving rain.

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VERTO, the hydraulic pivot hinge system for doors, ensures automatic, constant and controlled closing of the door with adjustable speed. The hinges have a puristic design and are suitable for quick and easy installation in any environment.

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The completely concealed hinge system.


The concealed hinge system for residential doors.


The hinge system for high frequency and heavy-duty doors.


The hydraulic screw-on hinge system for glass doors.


The hydraulic knuckle hinge system for doors.


The hydraulic pivot hinge system for doors.


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Our passion for convincing architecture is diverse.

The following references illustrate the depth of our products and show the many different application areas in which they are used.

  • Apple Campus 2, Cupertino, CA (VARIANT Planum, TECTUS)
  • Saxony Hotels and Condos, Miami, FL (TECTUS)
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA (TECTUS)
  • Four Seasons Resort, Lanai, HI  (TECTUS)


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