VARIANT Finger Protection - for doors in child day-care centers


The hinge side of a door poses a risk for young children’s fingers. The painful squeezing of a finger can not only be painful but also cause long-term damage. 


In order to prevent this, SIMONSWERK has developed a hinge system for doors with finger protection requirements in close collaboration with architects and planners.


Finger protection solutions


When designing new child daycare centers or nurseries, it is important to incorporate finger protection functions for doors directly into the building plans. In addition to the functional benefits, the uniform and clean appearance of the door and frame with integrated finger protection offers visual appeal.

Kindergarten Dötze, Paderborn, Germany

VARIANT Finger Protection

For doors with finger protection function

Product characteristics

  • End-to-end finger pinch-protection on secondary closing edges
  • For timber, steel and aluminium Frames
  • For use in new buildings and renovation work




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