The completely concealed hinge system


The TECTUS series of concealed hinges offers unsurpassed quality, versatility, and depth. This series features an entire range for architectural openings. The TECTUS hinge offers a "clean" look, which has not been matched by any other manufacturer.  


The adjustment feature provides a simple way to create a perfect margin between the door and the frame. This enables the door to be adjusted in three dimensions (horizontal, vertical and in/out) by simply turning an Allen wrench. The refined visual appearance in combination with its maintenance-free slide bearings distinguishes TECTUS from all other concealed hinges. Additionally, the depth of the product line for models and finishes and the durability of TECTUS hinges help TECTUS to stand out.

Innovation born out of tradition


The wide range of surfaces enables a variety of applications – they can be harmoniously tailored to an architectural concept and fittings and can completely blend into the background when the respective door is closed.

Since 2002, TECTUS has been an integral part of the SIMONSWERK product range and thanks to its ongoing development, it is now more innovative and efficient than ever. From simple interior doors to large, heavy-duty doors – the hinge system TECTUS is the ideal solution for any requirement.

Wide range of application areas and special solutions


All model versions have a uniform appearance, with a sideways closed hinge body for a flush mortise appearance. They differ in terms of their dimensions and the load capacities they carry – as well as in their broad spectrum of application areas, such as on timber entrance doors, recessed model versions for invisible frames, variants with intumescent kits and versions with integrated energy transfer.

TECTUS up to 300 kg

TECTUS - SIMONSWERK North America Inc.

The completely concealed hinge system with a load capacity of up to 300 kg.

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TECTUS - SIMONSWERK North America Inc.

With permanent energy transfer for unrebated interior and heavy-duty doors.

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TECTUS - SIMONSWERK North America Inc.

For invisibly mounted frames on unrebated interior and heavy-duty doors.

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TECTUS - SIMONSWERK North America Inc.

For unrebated heavy-duty and functional doors with claddings up to 8 mm.

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Product brochure TECTUS


You can download the current product brochure from our media centre.


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