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TECTUS® TE  541  3D  FVZ – recessed frame facings
up to 14.0 mm (0.551”)

The new concealed TECTUS TE 541 3D FVZ hinge allows the frame to be recessed inside a finished wall for a door that is flush with the wall’s surface. Due to the capability that the entire frame face can be covered with solid materials such as ½” drywall, rather than e.g. a single layer of plaster, the issue of surface cracking has been eliminated. The frame facing can be recessed up to 14 mm (0.551”) creating even more architectural possibilities for straight-lined, flush surface interior design. These hinges present a stunning architectural integration of door and wall elements. This hinge has the same amenities as existing models of the product brand TECTUS.

Features at a glance

- FVZ = for recessed frame facings up to 14.0 mm (0.551”)
- load capacities up to 100 kg (220 lbs.)
- the door panel can be opened a full 180°
- completely concealed
- for wood, steel and aluminum frames
- for flush heavy-duty doors
- maintenance-free slide bearing technology