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TECTUS® A8 - claddings of up to 8 mm (0.315")

With the addition of the TECTUS A8 models, SIMONSWERK is able to offer concealed hinges for applications where in the past it was only possible to use pivots to hang a door. The A8 versions allow a door to visually disappear into a wall with many different kinds of claddings, such as mirrors, laminates, and marble up to 8mm (0.315”) in thickness. The TECTUS A8 hinges give designers new opportunities for integrating the door panel into a holistic room concept.

Features at a glance

- load capacities up to 160 kg (352 lbs)
- door panel can be opened a full 180 degrees
- completely concealed
- for flush doors
- for wood, steel and aluminum frames
- easily adjustable in three dimensions
- maintenance-free slide bearing technology
- claddings of up to 8 mm (0.315”)