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TECTUS® – The Completely Concealed Hinge System

Design meets function. TECTUS enables the optimal integration of flush doors in straight line and flush surfaces for contemporary clean designs.

The completely concealed hinge system TECTUS accepts load capacities up to 300 kg (661 lbs), enables an opening angle of 180 degrees, and can be used on wood, steel and aluminum doors and frames.

The three-dimensional adjustability and maintenance-free slide bearing technology of TECTUS hinge systems can be used for high-quality residential and commercial doors.

TECTUS Versions for Special Applications

TECTUS A8 – The A8 versions allow a door to visually disappear into a wall with many different kinds of claddings such as mirrors, laminates, and marble up to 8 mm (0.315”) thick. This gives designers further options for integrating the door element into a holistic room concept.

TECTUS Energy – Today’s modern and efficient buildings often require the ability to control and operate doors remotely. This requires the transfer of electrical power and information from door frames to door panels. The TECTUS Energy Series provides a sophisticated way to utilize this technology when card readers, access and door control systems, electrified locks, monitoring systems, and multimedia components are installed. The cable with its 16 wires is completely concealed behind the hinge arms to prevent unauthorized tampering. The TECTUS Energy hinge is available in a large variety of sizes to accommodate different door panel weights.

TECTUS FR – The "FR" models are equipped with an integrated intumescent kit. While maintaining all routing dimensions and visual features of the TECTUS, the FR versions provide an option for use on fire resistant door units.

TECTUS FVZ – The “FVZ” models allow doors to be flush with the finished wall by hiding frames and recessing them into the wall structure. This provides a contemporary flush finish door and frame with clean unobstructed lines.

TECTUS for Aluminum Profiles – The TECTUS concealed hinge series is also available for aluminum door panels and frames. This series can be customized for different profile designs.